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  • Peter Zylka-Greger

Why the Scrum Mastery Pathway would have been the Scrum training I needed when I started (Part 1)

When people ask me how it was for me to start working as a Scrum Master, it is easy to tell stories about how it all worked out and how I found purpose in what I did back then. Ultimately, I'm still working in the field and thoroughly enjoy what I do daily (even writing a blog post on a Sunday).

But If I reflect a little deeper, the reality looked different. I was someone who had never heard of the role before. I was very fortunate (and forever grateful) that I had someone who not only introduced me to the role but also helped me get my first project and even did a lot of handholding throughout the project because, honestly speaking, going to a 3-day Scrum Master class helped me to cover a basic understanding of the Scrum framework, but what followed after that, was scary!

Let's take the Retrospective as an example: Through the training, I obviously knew the goal of a Retrospective and received ideas about how I conduct a Retrospective through the training. However, when the moment of your first Retrospective arrives, it is a whole new ball game. I had so many doubts about conducting it and what would happen within the room.

The good news is: I survived, but as mentioned previously, I was lucky to have a supporting system actually sitting next to me for most of my working day.

But what I would have wished for is a training concept where I learn about aspects that help me conduct a Retrospective and where I have an ongoing support system through a trainer or a community where surely others went through a similar situation.

That is why I'm eager to get started with the Scrum Mastery Pathway and make that support system available to you. Not only will you be continuously supported for six months, but we will also meet bi-weekly to talk about your real-life challenges (i.e., the Retrospective you have to facilitate with this difficult team of yours). In addition, you will also have access to a community of fellow Scrum Master and trainers. And we will also support this by going through the content of the RETRAINED attributes. Right at the beginning of our time together, we go through the "Respected" module. In the module, we cover how helpful a Coaching contract with your team is right from the beginning. Spoiler alert: It will also help you in your Retrospectives. Or the "Enabling" module, where we will look at why "A good ScrumMaster is wary of influencing the team; A great ScrumMaster can act normally and know the team will still make their own decisions."

Because let me tell you, I did a lot of influencing during my first Retrospective.

If that sounds like something you would like to be part of, check out the next available dates for the cohorts I will start :

More information can also be found on:

And stay tuned for part 2 where I will describe another reason why the Scrum Mastery Pathway would have been exactly what I needed during my starting time as a Scrum Master.

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